History 2018

50 Draft League

The RUF/NEKS posted a 6-1-1 record to win the 2018 Fall season. Idaho Sports Medicine Institute placed 2nd and Boise Online Mall was 3rd.

50 Draft RUK/NEKS

Team members are : Louie Corral, John Nichols, Jack McGee, Jim Throop, Steve Abo, Gary Adams, Darin Hlavinka, Gene Marchant, Daryl Spivey, manager Randy Mansell, Jimmy Friedrich, Brian Blender. Not picture Jeff Leaton.

60 Draft League

Who's on First finished with a 7-1 record to win the Fall Season. Ogres placed 2nd and Integrity Plumbing 3rd.

60 Draft Whos on First

Team members are: Garry Peck, Mike Steiner, Kevin Klein, Milo Stansell, Tom Beatty, Bill Wallace, Gene Moran, Dennis Gyurina, Gary DeBoi, Dave Henderson and Manager Ken Rhodes. Not pictured Kurt Smith and Jim Csencsits.

50 Draft League

Idaho Sports Medicine Institute won the 50 over draft league for the 2018 Spring season.

50 Draft League Idaho Sports Medicine Institute

Teams members are: Steve Waltari, Dean Lewis, Sean Downey, Gary Peck, Gene Schoffield, Mike Conaway, Dave Dawson, Mike Yerby, John Johnson, Gaylan Moore manager, and Jim Csencsits. Not pictured are Bob Pietras and Roger Marchese.

60 Draft

Who's on First won the 2018 Spring League. Red Raiders finished second.

60 Draft Who's on First won the 2018 Spring League

Team members are: Dave Henderson, Jim Csencsits, Milo Stansell, Gary DeBoi, Mike Steiner, Kurt Smith, Michael Summerfield, Bill Wallace, Dennis Gyurina, Kevin Klein, Thomas Beatty, Gene Moran, Ken Rhodes manager.

Monday Senior League

Sletten Construction / Hodson Landscape 2018 Spring Season

Sletten Construction / Hodson Landscape won the lower division for the 2018 Spring season. Game Time Sports finished second.

Team members are: Bryan Tilton, Kurt Palmtag, Ron Rowley, Henry Forschler, Denice Wood, Chris Hansen, Ben Duke, Dave Wood, Wes Stoddard, John Johnson, Daryl Spivey, Kent Noethe and Bill Lancaster.

Monday Senior League

Western Pipe Insulation won upper division for the 2018 Spring

Western Pipe Insulation won upper division for the 2018 Spring season. Jayco finished second.

Team members are : Tony Hartz, Ken Holtz, Ron Love, Dave Paredes, Mark Haggerty, Dennis ash, Kelly Scott, Tony Laird, Kelly Way, Marty Lytle, Mike Cornelius. Not pictured are Mike Wilson, Greg Pruitt, Steve Hallock, Berto Reyes and Rod Watson

Rock N Reno

East West Aircraft won the 60 AA division of the Rock N Reno tournament in Reno, NV over the Memorial Day weekend.

East West Aircraft AA Division Winners - Rock n Reno

All tournament players were Jim Jones, Jeff Kelley, Mike Summerfield, Ted Dedden and Rich Kaufman. Along with Larry Theno, Chuck Leachman, Gene Schoffield, Mike Griffith, Jeff Leaton, Don Coberly, Skeeter Thompson and Dave Dawson.

2018 Draft Tournament

In April the Boise Senior Softball Association held the annual draft tournament.

Annual Draft Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the tournament champions. Team members are:
Joe Miller, Hank Fenske, Jeff Brookman, Gene Moran, Garrod Shumway, Tom Miller, coach Scott Shumway, Steve DeVinaspre, Scott Dean, Dennis Gyurina, Michael Summerfield.

All tournament selections were: Bob Strawser, Dennis Gyurina, Garrod Shumway, Gary DeBoi, Jim Jones, Jim Marconi, Joe Miller, Scott Shumway, Thomas Kehoe.